Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Welcome to the story of Smith! My intentions for this blog is to share our families life stories. It will be raw, uncut and uncensored so beware :)

We are Andrew and Brittany Smith. We have 2 sweet kiddos, Connor and Alivia. 2 pups named Ava and Max and we live in Forney, Texas. 

I want to have our families moments written down so one day I can look back at our accomplishments, adventures, journey and failures. Yes, I could just write them down in a journal but why not share them with the world! (and just warning you... I didn't major in English, so don't judge me for grammatical errors.)
Who knows, our experiences may help someone else. 

So sit back and enjoy the ride because man is it an interesting one. 

And who knows we may even get a blog post or two from the husband :)

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